There are four beaches in Kukljica that can be used. Those are stony beach Zelena Punta and three sand beaches: Sabuša, Mala Sabuša and Kostanj. Zelena punta beach is in vicinity of our apartments (50m), while other beaches are far as 20 to 30 minutes of slow walk.


This beach is placed in “Zelena Punta” tourist settlement. It is a stony-cemented beach that has a thick pine forest above it. Aside of swimming, you can recreate by playing table tennis or mini golf in shade of a pine forest. Beach canoes (sandolins) and paddle boats can be rented on the beach. The beginning of the beach is located near our apartments, so by a pleasant walk through the pine forest shade you can reach a spot that you find most suitable.


This beach is placed on the west coast of the island. The coast of the beach is arranged and cemented flat so it is suitable for sunbathing and strolling. Nevertheless, the sea floor of the beach is fully covered with sand, where the sea depth is suitable for small children to play, as well as it is suitable for various beach games. You can reach this beach by 20 minutes of slow walk from our apartments or you can get there by a boat, sailing around the island.


This beach is also placed on the west side of the island, just north of the Sabuša beach. You can reach it by a 10 minute walk by coast, starting from Sabuša beach. It is a shallow water sand beach that usually has not many bathers due to its position, but it is suitable for those who want a quiet place for swimming and sunbathing.


Kostanj beach is situated north from Kukljica. You can reach it from our apartments by roughly 20 minutes of walk by coast. This is a sand beach which is placed by a thick pine forest. This beach is suitable for playing and swimming for little children because of shallow sandy sea floor. By Kostanj beach there is the oldest church in Kukljica (church of St. Jerome), originating from 13th century.